Cut Down on Your Fuel Costs with These 6 Tips

fuel costs 6 tips

How often do you drive?  If you are anything like me, it seems like you have to get in the car to drive somewhere daily.  Between being a taxi driver for the kids and commuting to work vehicle expenses can climb quickly.  These expenses vary, but one way that we can save money is by cutting down on our fuel costs.  There are quite a few things than can affect the fuel mileage in your vehicle, so making just a few changes can do the trick.

Here are 6 tips that you can Implement to cut down on your fuel costs:

Keep up on your vehicle’s maintenance

Proper maintenance is key in maximum fuel efficiency.  From keeping it tuned up, to correct fluid levels and keeping your tires properly inflated, all of these maintenance tips help improve your vehicle’s efficiency.

Clean out your car

If you are the type to carry around lots of extra stuff in your car, you should reconsider.  Extra weight decreases your fuel mileage.

Carpool for work and Kids Activities

Carpooling is a great way to save money on fuel and vehicle expenses.  If you have a co worker that lives nearby, approach them with the idea of carpooling.  It would cut your commuting expense literally in half!  The same is true for kids school and after school activities.  Share commuting expenses by teaming up and driving each other’s kids to school or practice.  Not only will this save you money, but it will also save you time!

Drive a fuel Efficient Vehicle

If you commute to work daily, you will certainly save more money driving a fuel efficient car than you will be driving a big truck or SUV.  Fuel efficient vehicles tend to be cheaper to buy too.


If your work offers you the opportunity to telecommute, take it!  Even once or twice a week can help you save big on fuel!

Combine Your Trips

If you have a lot of errands to run, try to combine them into one trip instead of several.  Also, make sure to take care of all errands on one side of town during the same trip so that you are not fighting traffic and going back and forth.

Also, try to make sure to schedule your errands during non high traffic times.  Rush hour traffic means a lot of idling and a lot of stop and go. Not only is this bad for fuel efficiency, it is also hard on your vehicle and cuts down on its life span.

GO GO GO!!!! Galaxy Tab 4 8GB Just $22.50 After Sears SYWR Points!

galaxy tab sears

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  • Enjoy endless entertainment options – including games, books, movies, music and more – with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.7″ tablet with 8GB
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  • Front and rear cameras
  • Supports USB 2.0 connectivity
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That’s like spending just $22.50!

How to Preserve Your Zucchini Bounty

The Best Ways to Preserve Zucchini What is the goal of every gardener?  That’s right, a successful bountiful harvest!  The next question is what on earth are you going to do with that harvest?  

Squash and specifically zucchini is often a successful crop, with many gardeners begging people to take it away because there is just too much left over. Zucchini is awesome because it really just grows and grows and if you don’t pick it at just the right time, you are going to have some GIANT zucs on your hands!  If you are like many garden enthusiasts, you have tried out just about every way you can think of to So what can you do?  You don’t want it to go to waste do you?  How about preserving it?

That’s right, you can preserve your zucchini for use later in the year! Here are a few of my favorite ways to preserve zucchini:

Zucchini Bread.  Zucchini bread is hands down one of the yummiest ways to eat zucchini!  I love making lots of zucchini bread and freezing it to eat later!  I make both regular zucchini bread as well as chocolate zucchini bread and it’s always a popular treat!  You can freeze the whole cooked loaf of zucchini bread, or you can freeze just the prepared batter.  Pour them into large freezer bags and store them in your freezer to be baked later!

Pickle it.  If you like pickles, one really good way to preserve your zucchini is to pickle it!  Just use your favorite pickle recipe and use zucchini in place of cucumbers and voila’ you have pickles! 

Dry it.  Did you know that you can put zucchini in your food dehydrator?  Seriously, just slice your zucchini up into thin slices and dry it in your dehydrator.  Use the dried zucchini later in recipes, cook in oil or season then and eat like chips!

Freeze it.  Did you know that you can freeze zucchini?  It may seem impossible due to how watery zucchinis are.  If you were to freeze the zucchini whole, it would not work well.  Likely the water would expand and damage the cells of the fruit.  Luckily, there are ways around this.  

  • Use a shredder.  Break out your favorite cheese shredder and go to town shredding the zucchini!  Use a paper towel to pat  some of the excess moisture and then store flat in freezer bags.  It can be used later for use in zucchini bread recipes, pasta sauces or soups and salads.
  • Blanch then bread.  First slice the zucchini, then blanch it to prevent mushiness.   Coat the slices in your favorite breading recipe then freeze.  You can fry these up later.

Refreshing Blackberry Iced Tea

blackberry iced tea recipe


This has been my most-viewed post ever!! Thank you to everyone for visiting my lil old blog! :)

Spring has arrived and now is the perfect time to get started on your sweet tea drinking, so I decided to bump this one to the top of the page so more people can view it!

Do you want to cool down with a refreshing, low calorie summertime drink?

We have an overabundance of blackberries on our property so I am always looking for ways to use them! Here is what I did to make this delicious and refreshing beverage:

  • First combine 2 cups of fresh blackberries and 3/4 cup Sugar.  Combine together and either mash or puree in a food processor (we prefer to taste the fruit pieces in our drink so we chose to simply mash ours).
  • Mix with 1 gallon of unsweetened Ice Tea (I used Lipton tea made from tea bags at home)
  • Serve over ice, Garnish if desired and enjoy! 

When I made these, I used Tall Glass Beer Steins, but I have since switched to these Yorkshire Mason Jar Mugs and I love it! There is just something about Iced Tea in a mason jar that makes me smile. :)




Even my husband loves this tea and he is not a tea drinker!

*45 calories per 8 ounce serving.

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massage deal

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Inflatable Water Play Center Just $30 {Was $44.99}

inflatable water play center

Are you ready for Summer? I just spotted this fun  Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center for just $30 at Amazon!  Regular price on this is $44.99 and this looks like so much fun for the kiddos!

  • Water flows to palm tree sprayer and waterfall adjusts with control valve
  • Landing mat for extra padding
  • Drain plug in pool floor
  • Capacity: 57-gallon
  • Comes with repair patch

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